The Communist Manifesto – A Book Summary

The happenings of the past centuries have torn gaping wounds into the once-thick skin of Marxism. Though it once strode about the world with confidence, promising revolution, it now limps and struggles to find support of the same fervor. These wounds are of the making of its faulty predictions–that capitalism [i] will thin and eventually end the middle class, and [ii] that it will further impoverish the poor while enriching the rich. Not only were these predictions wrong, but complete inversions of what has actually occurred: capitalistic societies have experienced a thickening of the middle class, and the poor have grown much wealthier compared to the “paupers” of Marx’s time. These wounds, however, say little about communism. Though I cannot support the ideology, I must admit, it has earned stigma not completely justified. After all, “true” communism, as Marx and Engels envisioned it, has never been attempted. We have but the murderous, tyrannical versions of it implemented by different men, or we have quasi-communist implementations that violate its core principles but still use the name. So, I cannot humor Marxism; too much rides against it. But communism, though I suspect it is deeply misled, has had no “pure” implementation which we can judge.

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Euthyphro – A Book Review

A peculiar man, one of stocky build and bulging eyes, once walked the streets Athens. A group of eager young men trailed behind him like ducklings, waiting for him to choose his next prey. This man was Socrates, who wandered the streets of Athens in search of its “experts,” be them of religious, legal, or intellectual matters. Upon finding them, he would inflate them with fawning and praise before very gently and very politely bringing them to the conclusion that they know nothing of their trade. Among these eager ducklings was a young man named Plato. He was not yet known, but these debates would lead him down an intellectual rabbit hole from which he would forever change the world. Continue reading Euthyphro – A Book Review