Hello! My name is Brian Geiger. I’m an undergraduate student at the University of South Florida (USF), studying psychology in pursuit of becoming a therapist. This has long been an ambition of mine, so I’ve been working hard to prepare myself for graduate school.

My career interests are in the humanistic psychotherapies, a branch of psychology unique in its existentialist foundation and one for which I have endless passion! Much of my reading relates to this branch, be it philosophy, psychology, fiction, or scientific nonfiction.

Whenever I read a great book or essay, or whenever I find or research a topic of interest, I’ll likely write about it here. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for visiting!


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Brian: Thanks for Taking a look at my blog and blogettes, I guess “Aristotle” really caught your eye or search. I have always heard that USF had a pretty good philosophy department. It almost seems weird talking about philosophy here in the South; seems like it is something for Ivy-League schools, or dark-halled academia. I hope that your following builds, and that some others will be open to your thoughts and written opinions. At one time, in a land far far away, I was a philosophy-theology major. A time gone by. Now I have but memoriesofatime. ((PS: I did teach some humanities, and a bit of ethics, so I did enjoy your writings even more. FYI: I belong to the Church of Hopeful Uncertainty…)

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    1. Philosophy is really fascinating! I’m not part of the philosophy department here at USF, being a psychology major, but I’ve spoken to some of the professors and they seem great. Philosophy is becoming much more than a hobby for me. It’s really becoming a passion, one which almost parallels psychology. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts and decided to reach out to me. You taught humanities and ethics? That’s excellent! Educators are more than admirable. Please keep in touch. It was great to hear from you. P. S. I find myself siding with existentialist thought, but only with about a quarter of Sartre’s passion

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